This couple got engaged at Alamo Drafthouse’s ‘C4GED’ and Nicolas Cage gave them his blessing

You probably know by now that Nicolas Cage himself popped up at the Alamo Drafthouse’s fourth annual marathon of Cage films to celebrate the actor’s birthday, aptly named “C4GED,” on Sunday.

But that day was extra special for two Nicolas Cage fans, who got engaged at the showing.

photo via Ben Ben Binh / Facebook
photo via Ben Ben Binh / Facebook

Facebook user Ben Ben Binh posted a photo in an Alamo Drafthouse fan group on Facebook, writing, “I want to thank you Drafthouse and all you guys at #C4GED last night, you guys really made the proposal to my girlfriend Jennifer Hedges perfect in every way. This community has been warm and eccentric in Austin and I’m glad to have it a part of my life events. Oh yeah, that’s totally Nicolas Cage giving us his blessings.”

We’re so glad Cage seems to approve of the union. Read more about the event and watch Cage read Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” here.

These two Star Wars fans got engaged at an Alamo Drafthouse showing of ‘Rogue One’

The Force is strong in this San Antonio couple.

Photo courtesy @punkypow on Instagram
Photo courtesy @punkypow on Instagram

Star Wars fan Paula Gonzalez was in for a surprise in December at a showing of “Rogue One” at an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in San Antonio: Her now-fiance, Seve Lara, popped the question.

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According to Gonzalez, the couple was preparing to take photos with some “Star Wars” characters when Lara dropped down on one knee.

And of course, the ring is Star Wars-themed, too — and it’s totally beautiful.

The story doesn’t end there: Alamo Drafthouse gifted the couple a complimentary bottle of champagne to celebrate the occasion, and a local artist gave them two of the Star Wars prints he was selling at the theater.

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Oh, and they actually got to watch the movie, too.

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Now time to watch Rogue One!

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Looks like Christmas came early for these two Star Wars lovebirds.



Alamo Drafthouse vs. Apple? If iPhone function rumors are true, maybe so

What do you love more: your iPhone or Alamo Drafthouse? The time to choose might be nigh.

According to several news outlets, rumors began to swirl at the end of last year that a new “theatre mode” is coming to iOS 10.3, complete with a popcorn-shaped icon in the device’s control center. I know, I know. The idea of using your phone in a theatre at all, special mode or not, is anathema to any concientious Austin moviegoer.

A gathering of Star Wars fans for a "lightsaber" vigil to honor the late actress and writer Carrie Fisher at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016. (Stephen Spillman / for AMERICAN-STATESMAN)
A gathering of Star Wars fans for a “lightsaber” vigil to honor the late actress and writer Carrie Fisher at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016. (Stephen Spillman / for AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

Apple has had a patent on such technology since 2012, according to the website Apple Insider. An excerpt of the patent’s abstract on that website mentions a wireless device capability “useful for a variety of reasons, including for example to disable noise and/or light emanating from wireless devices (such as at a movie theater).”

As you can guess, one local cinema institution is having none of that.

Alamo Drafthouse is renowned for its strict “no talking, no texting” policy, which promises swift theater ejection for anyone bold enough to whip out their phone during a screening. It’s so ingrained in the theater chain’s identity that their pre-show PSAs, which are often star-studded, have become as much a part of the experience as the movie itself.

On Wednesday, Alamo Drafthouse tweeted “That’s weird. Our phones already have theater mode….” along with a screenshot of an iPhone’s shutdown screen.

On Thursday, Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League issued a statement, which the theater tweeted, too.

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“I see nothing but rumors swirling around this alleged functionality, so I can only say the following at this point: if this enhancement turns out to be a means to make it easier to text in cinemas, I may have to book a ticket to Cupertino and pack my can of whoop-ass,” League said in the statement. “I have confidence, however, that a fellow Tim would not make such a mistake.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook might want to think twice before crossing a man who once got former Texas Gov. Ann Richards to throw a man out of a theater for talking. It was in one of those PSAs, sure, but the point still stands. Remember: Drafthouse doesn’t play around with texting, even if you leave them a voicemail about it.