The Texas Bracket Finals: George Strait vs. Tom Landry

It all comes down to this: Texas’ cowboy culture vs. Texas’ love affair with football. Texas Independence Day has brought us a classic matchup of Lone Star legends.

There’s no bad boys in the finals of the The Texan Bracket. George Strait is as clean-cut as they come. Tom Landry perhaps even more so. Which one will take the crown* when voting ends at midnight tonight?

(*The “crown” is purely figurative. We’re not asking either one to remove his iconic hat.)



In the semifinals, Tom Landry was never threatened by World War II hero and Medal of Honor winner Audie Murphy. The legendary Dallas Cowboys coach (who never gained less than 60% of the vote throughout the tournament) won with 64% of the vote over his fellow veteran.

Surprisingly, beloved country singer George Strait had a much harder time getting past Lady Bird Johnson. Mrs. Johnson, a No. 6 seed who barely defeated Father of Texas Stephen F. Austin in the Lone Star 16 and beat out fellow hometown favorite Ann Richards to make the Final Four, led in early voting and the contest was even through much of the day before the after-work crowd gave Strait a 53% victory.

Today’s final pits fedora vs. cowboy hat. Cowboys vs. cowboy. Suit and tie vs. Wranglers and boots.

If you’ve played along throughout the tournament, you already know your vote. If you’re just joining us, you know your pick, too. Happy Texas Independence Day, everyone! Click here to vote!

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