Pat Robertson sparks Internet outrage with comments on Orlando shooting

Controversial conservative pundit Pat Robertson weighed in Tuesday on the Pulse shooting in Orlando, saying on his “700 Club” show that liberal LGBT rights activists and radical Islamists are working in tandem with each other and that the attack that killed 50 people on Sunday was the result of that alliance.

Robertson went on to say that since liberals tend to champion Muslims and LGBT rights, they are in an ideological conundrum now that a radical Islamist killed a group of gay people, and that the best thing for conservatives to do is to “sit on the sidelines and let them kill each other.”

Video of the show first went viral on Right Wing Watch, “a project of People For the American Way dedicated to monitoring and exposing the activities of the right-wing movement,” according to its website.

Robertson maintains the group that “should kill each other” is the liberals, but his remarks have sparked outrage. You can watch the video, from Right Wing watch, below:

The full episode can be viewed here:


Earlier Tuesday, satirical website Newslo joked that Robertson claimed the Orlando shooting was God’s punishment for the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling in 2015. Robertson issued a clarification about the article here.

Right Wing Watch reported that “The 700 Club” issued a response to the Right Wing Watch video in a tweet later Tuesday afternoon, but it has since been taken down.









Author: Jake Harris

Social Content Producer for the Austin American-Statesman.

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