5 Lunchtime Links: Why adult coloring could be less innocent than it seems

Christine Walczyk, left, Leah Urtado and Angela Mantia color at Gourdough’s. Laura Skelding/American-Statesman

1. Is adult coloring a cry for help?

Put the crayon down. Back away from the coloring book. Not everyone is so sure the whole adult coloring craze is as innocent as it seems. A piece by Quartz argues that the popularity of the mindless activity could point to unhealthy stress levels in those who pursue it as a calming pastime.

2. Paul Simon to tape “Austin City Limits” May 12.

The legendary Paul Simon, a crucial half of also legendary Simon & Garfunkel, will record an “Austin City Limits” episode May 12 at ACL Live, the American-Statesman’s Peter Blackstock reports. As with all live tapings the tickets for the show are distributed through a lottery that opens up about a week before the performance.

3. Breaking it down: Beyoncé, “Lemonade,” Jay Z, Rachel Roy, Rachael Ray.

Do you find the rumors surrounding Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” release about as confusing as the Prop. 1 ballot language? Get your Rachels straight, your “Becky with the good hair” rumors right and scroll through the nearly 15-year saga that is Beyoncé and Jay Z’s crazy-in-love love in this Jezebel piece.

4. Joss Whedon stops by “I love you so much” mural.

Screenwriter Joss Whedon’s friendship with folksinger Shawnee Kilgore brought him to Austin for a traditional “I love you so much” mural pic and a few other stops around the city, including the one below at Radio Coffee & Beer. Whedon, who wrote and created shows like “Buff the Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly,” met Kilgore when he backed her Kickstarter campaign for her debut album.

5. Who will claim what Prince left behind?

Prince’s sister confirmed Tuesday that the singer didn’t have a will prepared ahead of his death last week, the Associated Press reports. She also said she is currently working to appoint a special administrator who will divide the star’s estate.

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