Beyoncé defenders are confusing Rachel Roy with Rachael Ray, leading to out-of-place comments

Photos via Rachel Roy, Rachael Ray/Twitter
Photos via Rachel Roy, Rachael Ray/Twitter

Rachael Ray is getting a lot of hate that probably confused her publicity team at first.

The 30-minutes-or-less chef generally gets anywhere between five to 40 comments on her Instagram photos, but the latest two posts have over 3,000 comments combined. Her sudden spike in social media engagement can be attributed to the Beyhive—Beyoncé fans are gearing up to rebuke fashion designer Rachel Roy for her supposed affair with Jay-Z.

Rachael Ray Insta 1You know, just casual hate on a picture of a cute dog.

Rachael Ray Insta 2

“Becky with the good pulled pork” love it.

Meanwhile, Rachel Roy (the one Beyoncé fans are looking for) quietly made her Instagram account private.

Rachel Roy Instagram screenshot

But not before she posted a picture with a caption that people immediately interpreted as clap back to the lyrics “He only want me when I’m not on there / He better call Becky with the good hair” from Beyoncé’s song “Sorry”:

Rachel Roy instagram edited

After Beyoncé dropped her visual album “Lemonade” on HBO and Tidal on Saturday, the internet exploded with people certain that it told the story of Jay-Z cheating on Beyoncé, and suspicion around Roy already existed after Solange Knowles and Jay had that elevator fight. But Roy dug herself deeper when she tweeted on Sunday, seemingly in response to Beyoncé and a deeply invested audience to this drama:

Lesson learned: maybe next time, just don’t say anything on the internet.

Update (April 25): Rachael Ray responded to the misplaced comments in the best way possible: with a recipe.

Just some lemonade ice cubes for the burn of getting the wrong Rachel.

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