The best milkshake in Texas is in Austin, Spoon University says

"Roasted banana and brown sugar milkshake, baby size!" Photo via Ashley S./Yelp
“Roasted banana and brown sugar milkshake, baby size!” Photo via Ashley S./Yelp

Spoon University, a website geared toward college students and centered on food, released a list titled “The Best Milkshake in Every State of America” in January. The data, presented by a writer from Georgia State University, was informally gathered—the writer said she polled college students and searched social media—but, unsurprisingly, Austin made the cut.


Photo via Spoon University
Photo via Spoon University

More specifically, 24 Diner featured on the list of the best milkshakes in the U.S. While all of 24 Diner’s milkshakes are delicious, if you want to “order like a local,” try the roasted banana and brown sugar shake, the list suggests.

The brown sugar milkshake appears multiple times in Yelp users’ reviews of the restaurant. Zagat also recommended it last June on its list of milkshakes to try in Austin.

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