5 Lunchtime Links: Austin named top beer city

Bar 2211 is known for its variety of canned beers, with about 75 to 80 currently offered. Arianna Auber / AMERICAN-STATESMAN
Bar 2211 is known for its variety of canned beers, with about 75 to 80 currently offered. Arianna Auber / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

1. Austin makes greatest beer cities list.

Austin ranked No. 5 on a list of the seven “great American beer cities” compiled by Wine Enthusiast magazine. Not entirely sure if they really have the authority to speak on such matters, but its good to hear regardless! In explaining the city’s ranking it mentioned local breweries Adelbert’s, Austin Beerworks and Jester King. It failed to mention a few brews that definitely have earned recognition like Blue Owl and Live Oak Brewing, but again — it’s a magazine for people who like wine.

2. Move over Chick fil A.

Fried chicken remains very important to Austin. Following Shake Shack’s recent release of its fried chicken sandwich, Flyrite Chicken will become the new contender at bat. The restaurant, which serves sandwiches, salads and wraps, will open February 7 at 2129 E. Seventh St. In addition to wine, shakes and Cuvee coffee, Flyrite will also serve only antibiotic-free, veg-fed chicken. The first 300 people who attend the restaurant’s grand opening party on Valentine’s Day will receive a free koozie and beer.

3. Choose your own race.

Your resolution in 2016 was to get off the sidelines and actually run the race. But which one? Austin has dozens of race options, and deciding can be (almost) as tough as completing the race itself. Play our “Choose your own race” adventure game and we’ll help get you off on the right foot. Answer telling questions like “Do you want to race on roads?”, “Do you want to go long?” and “Do you want to run in costume?” and we’ll help match you with the race of your dreams.

4. Rihanna releases new single featuring Drake.

Rihanna released new single “Work” featuring Drake today from her upcoming and highly-anticipated album “ANTI.” The collaboration has been rumored for awhile now after video of them shooting together at a mall was leaked. Will “Work” meet the same success as the pair’s No. 1 hit “What’s My Name?” Listen for yourself below.

5. Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

Looking for a mostly made up reason to eat chocolate cake? Then join us in celebrating National Chocolate Cake Day. It’s not yellow cake day, and it’s definitely never going to be carrot cake day (it has a vegetable in it), so celebrate by trying out one of our many chocolate cake recipes here.

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