Jared Padalecki sees ‘Star Wars’ with Austin police chief

Texas-born actor Jared Padalecki and obvious “Star Wars” superfan Austin police Chief Art Acevedo (“Darth Acevedo”) went to go watch “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at the same time, according to the chief’s Twitter. Sounds pretty good as far as bro dates go. No word on whether or not Acevedo had his trusty lightsaber in tow.

Photo by: Alyssa Vidales
Photo by: Alyssa Vidales

Padalecki also recently made a stop at the Cedar Park Police Department and got a chance to mingle with some local law enforcement. Assistant Chief of Cedar Park police Mike Harmon called Padalecki a “super nice guy and law enforcement supporter.”

Padalecki currently lives in Austin with his wife and two sons, but (as revealed in a recent Minute Maid-sponsored video) he worries that “Because I’m filming nine months out of the year in Vancouver and Gen and the boys are in Austin, it gets me thinking I am away too much.” Padalecki laments missing “a lot of the day to day things” like “pizza parties.” (He did make it back in town for Austin City Limits Music Festival, though.)

Well Jared, may we say on behalf of both the Austin Police Department and ourselves: We’re all glad you’re home.


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