5 Lunchtime Links: What MTV is calling the new generation and more

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

1. MTV suggests new generation name.

The whats? The “Founders,” according to MTV is the name the network will use to refer to the generation born after the millennium. Growing up with a black president and smartwatches, Founders are said to be more pragmatic and independent than their millennial predecessors. That’s right — if you once had an unlimited data cellphone plan or consider yourself an idealist, you’re old news. We welcome the Founder generation with the traditional “Good luck with the debt,” greeting.

2. Bill Murray’s Christmas special now on Netflix.

Netflix is saying “Murray Christmas” with its latest original release. Reverting back to the holiday TV specials of years past, “A Very Murray Christmas” reunites actor Bill Murray with director Sofia Coppola in a seasonal variety show featuring appearances by Miley Cyrus, band Phoenix and George Clooney. The show is available for streaming online starting today.

3. Scott Weiland dies before Austin performance scheduled for next week.

Former singer for band “Stone Temple Pilots” Scott Weiland was scheduled to perform at the Parish next week. A Facebook post reported Thursday that 48-year-old Weiland had “passed away in his sleep while on a tour stop in Bloomington, Minnesota, with his band.” Weiland’s death follows that of fellow Wildabouts, who played at last year’s South By Southwest music festival, bandmate Jeremy Brown.

4. Astronaut Scott Kelly tweets a picture of San Antonio from space.

San Antonio looks just as sprawling from space. Astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a picture of the metroplex from aboard the International Space Station, saying “Looking good down there.” Kelly, who currently holds the record for most days spent in space, is sure to know a thing or too about what “looks good” when floating 200 miles over the Earth.

5. Jay Z’s “Tidal” gets third CEO in eight months.

Jay Z really thought he was onto something when he suggested people actually pay for the music they listen to. But in a sad and expected flop, his music streaming service has only secured a million users since its very public March debut. The company has introduced Jeff Toig as its new CEO, the third in the past eight months.

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