5 Lunchtime Links: Robin Williams’ widow gives first, emotional interview since his death and more


1. Robin Williams’ widow gives first interview since actor’s death.

In an interview set to air tomorrow on “Good Morning America” Robin Williams’ widow Susan Schneider spoke publicly for the first time since her late husband’s suicide. Williams died August 2014 when he hanged himself with a belt. Schneider, who was married to Williams for three years, calls their relationship “the best love I ever dreamed of,” in a clip of the interview.

2. Stephen King’s “11/22/63” gets Hulu premiere date.

The new Hulu show that transported Dallas’ Dealey Plaza back to the ’60s when it filmed there in October has set a premiere date. “11/22/63,” based on the Stephen King alternate history novel of the same title, will premiere on Presidents Day, Feb. 15, 2016. Both the show and book are about a time-traveling English teacher, played by James Franco, who goes back in time and attempts to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

3. New Hill Country Craft Beer Trail boasts 11 breweries.

Move over wine trails of the Texas Hill Country — the Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce and the Convention and Visitors Bureau recently established the Hill Country Craft Beer Trail. Made up of 11 breweries scattered between Austin and San Antionio the trail hopes to draw out craft beer lovers in the same way the area does wine aficionados. Two shuttle services will be available to take visitors to either the three main breweries, or on a full tour with eight stops.

4. Blue Bell returns to North Texas following Listeria outbreak.

After months of waiting North Texas residents finally got what they’d been searching their grocery store freezer sections for when Blue Bell made its return today. “Blue Bell Monday” marks the return of the Texas ice-cream brand to the region after a Listeria outbreak led to the death of three people earlier this year. A Kroger grocery store in the area opened a half-hour early in honor of the return.

5. St. Philip Pizza Parlor closes.

Sunset Valley’s short-lived St. Philip Pizza Parlor closed after just a year in business. The restaurant owned and operated by the Uchi Restaurant Group first closed its bakeshop in September to focus on its pizza parlor. “We learned many lessons with St. Philip, made some mistakes, but also realized where our strengths lie,” Uchi Restaurant Group President John Baydale said.

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