5 Lunchtime Links: What to expect on Sixth Street and other Halloween preparation

ORG XMIT: AAS1010302332273704 Ricardo B. Brazziell AMERICAN-STATESMAN 10/30/10 Halloween goers on 6th street Saturday, October 30, 2010.
ORG XMIT: AAS1010302332273704 Ricardo B. Brazziell AMERICAN-STATESMAN 10/30/10 Halloween goers on 6th street Saturday, October 30, 2010.

1. What you need to know before heading to Sixth Street this weekend.

Given that you’re able to make it out this Halloween despite today’s horrific weather, make sure you’re ready for another kind of storm: Sixth Street on Halloween. This infamous combination promises to draw all types in their Halloween-best this Saturday, but what can you expect? Read about last year’s experience here, and keep these seven things in mind if you do make it out this weekend.

2. Today is National Candy Corn Day.

Today celebrates everyone’s favorite vegetable-turned-candy. However, these sugary orange, white and yellow “corns” aren’t as widely loved as Texans might like to believe. According to a poll that asked 40,000 Americans what their favorite Halloween candy was, Texans’ love for candy corn greatly surpasses all other sweet options. We can at least take comfort in Oregon, Wyoming, Tennessee and South Carolina seeing things our way; candy corn was also their state-favorite.

3. Austin ranked 2nd worst place to live if vampires rise from coffins.

According to this “unnatural hazards” map by Trulia is the second place you’ll least like to be in the event that vampires rise from their coffins and begin hunting for a snack. Determined by the number of blood banks and hospitals per 50,000 people, Austin fell only behind San Diego, CA. As if we didn’t always find the large bat colony highly suspicious.

4. 6 haunted places in Austin.

We’ve all heard the rumors surrounding the Driskill Hotel, but what else does Austin have to offer haunting-wise? Several lesser-known establishments throughout the city are said to offer a little more than what their storefronts read. Among them, Austin Pizza Garden — go for a slice, stay for a spook.

5. Map shows most searched Halloween costume by state.

Still looking for a last minute costume idea? Are you guilty of searching any of the options real estate website Estately found to be most popular in their “Costumes each state googled more than any other state” map? Unfortunately, Texans were the most likely to take to Google to search for controversial Caitlyn Jenner costume — the subject of a Change.org petition signed by nearly 20,000 people asking costume makers to “stop exploiting Caitlyn Jenner with a transphobic costume.” We can’t say California’s “pregnant nun” and Illinois’ “slutty pumpkin” are especially respectable either…

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