Shoppers outraged after grocery store caught selling shrink-wrapped live crabs

By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

British Sea Fishing/Twitter

A grocery store in London took pride in selling its seafood fresh — very fresh.

Korea Foods UK is facing intense criticism on social media after concerned customers noticed that crabs in shrink-wrapped packages were moving and obviously still alive.

The photos of the crabs were posted on Twitter and Facebook, and outraged customers posted on the store’s Facebook page to voice their disgust.

At first, the company attempted to defend its practices, saying its stores had sold live crabs that way for year, but as demands for a boycott grew, the company posted an apology.

According to The Dodo, while the practice may shock shoppers, it is not illegal, as crabs are not covered under the UK’s Animal Welfare Law.

The company says it is working with animal welfare authorities and has stopped the selling of live crabs at its stores for now.

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