5 Lunchtime Links: Airbnb offers contest winner 2 nights in Paris catacombs and more


(Ray King)

1. Airbnb offers content winner two-night stay in “world’s largest grave.”

Nothing helps lower those accommodation fees like sharing an Airbnb with six million others. The home rental site is offering two contestants a chance to stay two nights in Paris’ 19th century catacombs, housing the remains of nearly six million former Parisians. Winners of the Halloween-themed contest will be offered dinner, a private concert and breakfast all within a room with walls composed entirely of skulls and bones. If you’re interested (and brave), enter here.

2. Bernie Sanders appears on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” shows off dance moves.

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was caught backstage letting loose prior his appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” yesterday. The 74-year-old candidate snapped and clapped along to music in the video below, before stepping onstage and sitting down to speak with DeGeneres. The host made sure to ask the hard-hitting questions like, “If you were a Ben and Jerry’s flavor what would you be called?” and “Have you ever been in handcuffs?”

3. Lucky Charms to make boxes of marshmallow-only cereal.

The dreams of the seven-year-old inside of each of us have finally come true — or the ones about marshmallows at least. Favorite sugary cereal Lucky Charms has announced it will release 10 boxes of its cereal sans the cereal. That’s right. Marshmallows only. The company will send the boxes out to 10 lucky individuals who send the best picture of themselves holding an imaginary box of cereal.

4. “Homeland” set designers criticize show through graffiti in Arabic.

Watch the latest episode of Showtime’s “Homeland” and you’ll see star Clair Danes pass through an alley in Lebanon. The walls are sprayed with graffiti in Arabic, but it doesn’t say what “Homeland” producers think it does. The show hired three artists to write the graffiti and asked for something generic like “Muhammad is the greatest.” The artists instead wrote “Homeland is racist.” The show has been widely criticized for its depiction of Muslims.

5. The Texas Book Festival is this weekend.

It’s a great weekend for Texas readers. Make sure to come out to the 2015 Texas Book Festival this weekend at the State Capitol. Not exactly sure what you should do when you get there? We can help!

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