Why ACL might be Austin’s most exciting week in fashion

There’s nothing like one of the biggest music festivals in the country to get a sense of what humans are up to right now.

How we choose to dress ourselves for a massive outdoor event like the Austin City Limits Music Festival isn’t just a matter of logistics. Yes, we need to wear what will keep us from overheating while waiting 10 hours to see Drake, but ACL is also a fashion week of sorts, where everyday people from all over the country show up to Zilker to show off for the, oh, 75,000 other people they’ll run into while they are there.

So, what exactly were they showing off this year?

We were out in force all six days of the festival Instagramming what we call #Austin360festies, the most beautiful, most eye-catching, expressive and even crazy forms of fashion. What’s amazing is that the trends of this year feel like all the trends of the past 50 years smashed into one. We saw so much hippie, grunge, goth, posh and even patriotic wear, but here are some of our favorites.

PHOTOS: All of 2015’s ACL Fashion Festies

Dark lipstick, in non-traditional colors:

Blue hair, on men and women:

Flower crowns:

Flower crowns and flowing skirts:

Floppy hats and flowing skirts:

Fringe, the longer the better:


Patriotic attire:

Fanny packs and cutoff shorts:

Gladiator sandals:


Fan gear:

PHOTOS: All of 2015’s ACL Fashion Festies

Author: Addie Broyles

Food writer for the Austin American-Statesman and Austin360.com.

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