Whataburger, Wingstop Twitter feud forces Texans to take sides

It started with a Tweet, as so many feuds these days do.

All Garland-born chicken wing chain Wingstop wanted was a friend. Whataburger, insisting that there was beef between the two Texas chains, insisted on some distance.


The feud drove troves of fans to Twitter.what's wrong

shots fired

Some proclaimed their allegiance to one of the two restaurant chains, both which offer chicken but only one of which offers beef.

team whataburger

wingstop fan

Others expressed frustration that Whataburger and Wingstop would ever dare make them choose between the two. stop beefin

my soul

stop beefin

Eventually, the feud and/or publicity stunt came to an end as both restaurants united around a single vision: #WingstopWhataburger2020.


whataburger wingstop make up

It gets better

Twitter users had other ideas for how the two could mend the bridges broken:

combo wingburger

whataburger wing burger

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