New Spotify feature lets you verify your music hipness

Were you the first to listen to that band, perhaps years before their SXSW breakout?

Photo by Jay Janner
Photo by Jay Janner

Did your friends who think you’re too cool for school not believe you?

Spotify’s “Found Them First” tool will now provide you documentation — verifiable proof — that you, despite what the hater say, are “music cool.”

The new feature tells you how many artists you listened to on the music streaming service before their “breakout,” which Spotify defines as when artists reach at least 20 million streams or experience a certain amount of growth in a specific time frame, according to Billboard.

The tool will also tell you the exact percentage of people you beat to each artist “discovered” and naturally, let you share the tool’s findings over social media.

Sure, the feature doesn’t acknowledge artist success in different music-listening circles beyond Spotify, but if you’re really desperate to show your friends how very hip you are, it’s worth a try.

What artists did you help get Spotify-big?

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