Hear Wiz Khalifa rap over Austin band Survive’s ‘Stranger Things’ theme

It’s common knowledge at this point that everybody is in love with Netflix’s “Stranger Things” — even Wiz Khalifa, apparently.

Photo via Netflix

The rapper recently released his latest song, titled “Stranger Things,” in which he samples the theme song heard round the world. Khalifa takes bits of the eerie synth-driven, ’80s-inspired track created by Austin band Survive and turns it into a hip-hop beat featuring rapper J.R. Donato.

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Throughout the track, Khalifa makes use of song’s namesake and repeatedly uses the word “stranger” — like a lot. “It’s like I’m talking to a stranger/ Now everybody getting stranger,” Khalifa sings. “They’re stranger/ I think I’m in danger, gotta wake my game up/ Gotta stay the same, watching everybody change/ Ah now they’re getting stranger.” How inspired.

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On top of this, the song’s cover art depicts Khalifa and Donato as the “Stranger Things” kids riding their bicycles in the woods. Check out the song below.



10 celebrities share their Father’s Day photos

Celebrities – they’re just like us! We post sweet Instagram shout-outs to our dads, and so do they. To commemorate the occasion, we rounded up ten of the most aww-worthy Father’s Day ‘grams:

First Lady Michelle Obama shared this awesome throwback of the President with their daughters Malia and Sasha.

“Les Miserables” actress Amanda Seyfried posted a throwback family photo with her dad.

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happy father's day #jackseyfried

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“Girls” writer Lena Dunham gave a shout-out to her dad for making a “pretty great” date for red carpet events.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa thanked his son Sebastian for “making me the man that I am.”

Kim Kardashian shared this sleepy shot of husband Kanye West taking a nap with their daughter North.

Justin Timberlake celebrated his first Father’s Day in style, complete with appropriate backside embroidery.

Kensington Palace posted a black and white shot of the Prince of Whales with his sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

“Wolverine” actor Hugh Jackman called his dad the hero in this sweet picture.

Kendall Jenner shared this home video still on her account, wishing Caitlyn Jenner a Happy Father’s Day.

Robert Downey Jr. told his followers, “Remember to hug your dad today, everyone – they’re probably the reason you’re so wonderfully weird.”