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WATCH: Surfing in the middle of downtown Austin at SXSW

9:23 pm Mar. 12, 2017

It was gloomy and 40 degrees out Sunday morning, but that didn’t stop people from hitting the surf in Austin.

If you think “surfing” and “Austin” don’t quite go together, well, you’re right, but it’s South

A hater’s guide to SXSW and Austin’s longest week

9:16 pm Mar. 11, 2017

For every free taco or Lone Star you throw down your gullet in glee, fair fest-goer, remember that there is a very vocal contingent of Austinites that are NOT HERE AT ALL for the annual sprawl of South by Southwest.

Like, at all.

Sound familiar? If you’ve lived in Austin long enough, you’ve heard all the classic lines. “I miss the old Austin.” “Austin used to be way cooler back in