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El Arroyo gets in one last joke before Election Day is over

3:16 pm Nov. 8, 2016

Austin restaurant El Arroyo is celebrating Election Day with yet another punny sign.

This is hardly the first time El Arroyo has weighed in on politics. During the recent clown scare, the sign was updated to put the Mexican restaurant’s two cents into the conversation.

And after the final presidential debate of 2016, the restaurant put up a silent message.

El Arroyo has had its share of generic election jokes:

And summed up

Texas restaurant changes name to Trump Cafe

1:58 pm Oct. 31, 2016

It was bound to happen eventually.

There are countless buildings and businesses named after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, from towers and hotels to golf clubs and casinos. But a Texas couple has taken it a step further, renaming