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An appreciation: Long live the Texas horny toad

9:25 pm May. 25, 2016

By Dave Thomas

Rare, almost anachronistic, the short-legged, stout creature will puff up when agitated and give you one hell of a glare when truly annoyed. It looks rough as a bucket of rusty nails, but

Great Texas hair: Who wore it better?

8:59 pm May. 12, 2016

By Dave Thomas

There is no limit to the pileous perfection a Texan can achieve if he just sets his jaw right and applies a little perseverance, poise and maybe a dab of Brylcreem.

Here’s a look

We ask people at Zilker Park – why do you love Austin?

12:16 pm Mar. 28, 2016

By Cody McCrary — Special to the American-Statesman

During our gorgeous spring weather, Zilker Park is an Austin staple for locals and visitors of the nature-friendly city. We went out to Zilker to ask people what their favorite

Giant pumpkin transformed into ‘Donald Trumpkin’

11:28 am Oct. 28, 2015

By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

An Ohio woman has captured GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s likeness on a 384-pound pumpkin, and the creation is quickly going viral.

The “Trumpkin,” as the creation has been nicknamed,