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Austin’s cutest couple contest 2017: Is it you?

11:23 am Jan. 17, 2017

You guys are cute.  But are you the cutest? We see your matching shirts. We see your mutual love and respect. But seriously, are you the cutest?

A fun, romantic Austin publication is seeking the cutest couple

Willie Nelson reveals what pal Snoop Dogg got him for Christmas

8:19 am Jan. 4, 2017

What does a successful, weed-loving rapper get his similarly successful, weed-loving country singer friend for Christmas? Not your average holiday sweater, obviously, but a weed sweater.

Willie Nelson took to Facebook yesterday to thank his good friend

30 years ago today, a tiny Drake was born

1:38 pm Oct. 24, 2016

Started from the bottom now you’re 30.

October’s very own and Canada’s sweetheart (sorry, Shania Twain) has a reason to pop a bottle of champagne today other than, you know, it’s a day of the week. Drake turns