Dreams of living in Camelot? Check out this $2.3 million medieval home in South Austin


Want a home fit for a king (or queen)?

It looks unassuming from the outside, but this five-bedroom, four-bathroom home in Shady Hollow Estates has a custom stained glass and a “knight’s retreat” complete with ceiling paintings telling the knight’s story.

Credit: Travis Baker/Twist Tours

If you’ve ever wished you could live in a Renaissance fair year-round and you have a spare $2,285,000, then pull out your checkbook so you can meander through beautiful secret gardens filled with stone paths, rock walls and lush greenery.

GALLERY: See more photos from this house fit for Camelot royalty in South Austin

Credit: Travis Baker/Twist Tours

You can also take a swim in the “Neoclassical-inspired” pool fit for a Greek god …

Credit: Travis Baker/Twist Tours

… or feast like royalty in the purple dining room.

Credit: Travis Baker/Twist Tours

You know that one friend who always throws the best “Game of Thrones” watch parties, complete with themed food and costumes? Now you can one-up that guy.

If you’re interested in buying this fairytale castle to live out your King Arthur dream, you can find more details and realtor contact information here.

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