A hater’s guide to SXSW and Austin’s longest week

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Ella Mielniczenko and Kelsey Darragh make their way from Rainey St. to the Austin Convention Center on a rain-soaked second day of SXSW on March 11, 2017. (Tamir Kalifa/ AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

For every free taco or Lone Star you throw down your gullet in glee, fair fest-goer, remember that there is a very vocal contingent of Austinites that are NOT HERE AT ALL for the annual sprawl of South by Southwest.

Like, at all.

Sound familiar? If you’ve lived in Austin long enough, you’ve heard all the classic lines. “I miss the old Austin.” “Austin used to be way cooler back in the day.” “Austin is turning into California.” “Don’t move here.” “I am terrified of change and the happiness of others when it does not align with my personal interests.”

OH, YOU DON’T HATE SXSW? Find an unofficial party, dude

Like clockwork, SXSW 2017 has brought out haters of all stripes on social media. Some decide to take extreme measures of self-care …

… some feel the anger the most in their wallet …

… some find the political even in a festival …

… some are hurtling headfirst into a storm they never anticipated …

… and some are just jealous, tbh.

Even if you were once all about that #FestLife, you’re not immune to the hater virus.

Let’s not forget that there are indeed legitimate grievances to be had.

Some people manage to suppress their hateration in the dancery just long enough to make some serious coin off of the throngs of visitors.

No matter your personal feelings on SXSW and Austin itself, it’s important to think about what the cloud of negativity looks like to an outsider.


There’s a lot to like about the fest, but to each their own. If you need to escape the chaos, why not stuff your face far, far away?

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