Austin ranked 18th on list of America’s best foodie cities

Austin’s a food city. Thanks to our thriving Tex-Mex scene, barbecue galore and food trucks on every corner, it’s easy to live here for years and still have a foodie bucket list a mile long.

According to a new WalletHub study, Austin ranked No. 18 on a list of America’s best foodie cities. Surprised it’s not higher? Us, too. The good news: It’s the highest-ranked Texas city on the list (take that, No. 39 Houston).


Austin360Eats 2015 Dining Guide: Top 25 Restaurants

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WalletHub analyzed the 150 most-populated cities in the United States and ranked their food scenes based upon affordability, diversity, accessibility and quality.

The affordability factor was based around the cost of groceries, beer and wine prices, prices at high-quality restaurants and sales, food and restaurant taxes. The rest of the study factored in the total number of restaurants, the ratio of full-service restaurants to fast-food restaurants, number of food trucks (we had to have ranked high on this one, right?!), healthy food options, farmers markets, ice cream and frozen yogurt shops (I’m getting hungry just writing this list), craft breweries, wineries, coffee shops, grocery stores, butcher shops, food festivals and cooking schools.

Sure, Austin may have ranked lower than we’d like (seriously, Orlando is No. 1?!) but we’re still damn proud of the good eatin’ we have to offer around town. Plus, we were ranked fifth for low-cost groceries, so that’s something.

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