Burger King’s new Whopperito is an attempt at a Tex-Mex mashup


Photo Credit: Burger King

It’s not as crazy an idea as  its Cheetos mac n’ cheese sticks, but Burger King’s newest Frankenstein fast food mashup does seem like it has the potential to generate as much Internet buzz.

Burger King has announced the Whopperito will go on sale nationwide starting August 15.

The Whopperito, unsurprisingly, contains exactly the same ingredients as a Whopper — beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles — just wrapped in a tortilla. The whole thing is accented with spicy queso sauce instead of the traditional ketchup and mustard.

A photo allegedly of this new Tex-Mex monstrosity has already surfaced on the internet and it looks about as appetizing as you would think.


The Whopperito will be tested in stores over the next few months and will go for $2.99, according to Newsweek.

We will leave it up to you to decide is this cheeseburger burrito is innovative genius or an insult to the Tex-Mex name.





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