How to make the Facebook Messenger basketball game less frustrating to play

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

Okay, this is more of “how to cheat at the Facebook Messenger basketball game.”

Facebook added their hidden basketball game (called “Messenger Madness,” an appropriate nod to March) to the Messenger app one week ago, and has already logged 300 million plays. To be totally fair, though, the game is not easy to do well in right away, and gets harder every 10 points you score.

Because doing well on this game is essential to life, there already are many videos and tutorials on how to “hack” the game:


Photo via
Photo via
Photo via Digital Spy
Photo via Digital Spy

(Side note: how old is the kid talking in that last video? Is he allowed to be on Youtube?)

The overlying theme of the game “cheats” seems to be the presence of a straight edge guiding the way you “throw” the ball. While the tutorials call for rulers and thicker items, a piece of paper works almost just as well.

To start a game, just send a basketball emoji to your friend over Messenger, then tap the ball. You can play the way Facebook intended—index finger and eyes alone—or pick up some hints from the Internet. Either way, get ready to spend way too much time trying to raise your score.

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