Stars, they’re just like us: Elijah Wood loves Via 313 Pizza

Actor Elijah Wood, mythical Austin celebrity and all around cool guy, might split a Detroiter with you someday.

(Suzanne Cordeiro/For American-Statesman)
(Suzanne Cordeiro/For American-Statesman)

The actor, whose Twitter timeline consists mostly of retweets of other accounts, tweeted at Austin pizza joint Via 313 on Sunday to express his devotion to their Motor City-style pies:

The pizza place tweeted back at the “Sin City” star, asking which location was his preferred ‘za zone. Wood replied:

But he’s open to trying new things, too. Wood, who recently popped up on the South by Southwest red carpet, also said he’s “excited” about Via 313’s new UT-area location. (He said West Campus, but it’s really more North Campus.)

(Matthew Odam/American-Statesman)
(Matthew Odam/American-Statesman)

What’s likely driving Wood wild? Well, according to American-Statesman restaurant critic Matthew Odam (and our own late-night dining habits), the pies are just plain delicious:

“The signature Detroiter ($13) buries savory smoked pepperoni under a protective layer of cheese with small cups of natural-cased pepperoni on top. Sauce is added like a rivulet of lava after the pizzas leave the oven, giving a bright, acidic burst to the bite. The pizzas are divided into four squares — meaning each slice is a coveted corner piece — and can feed one very hungry person or two people with tamer appetites.”

In addition to trailers at Violet Crown Social Club and Craft Pride, as well as the Guadalupe store, Via 313 also operated a brick-and-mortar in Oak Hill. The mini-empire began in December 2011, when Zane and Brandon Hunt opened the Violet Crown trailer. If you’d rather live the celebrity life at home, we know how you can make your own deep-dish using a brownie pan.

Find more pizza places in town (celebrities not guaranteed) in our dining guide.

Author: Eric Webb

Eric Webb is a web producer for the Austin American-Statesman and Austin360. He blogs about Austin culture, pop culture and anything that lives on the Internet.

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