Tarantino surprises Alamo Ritz audience at ‘Hateful Eight’

One audience got a little more than expected when they attended the 7 p.m. Alamo Drafthouse screening of “The Hateful Eight” at the theater’s downtown Ritz location last night. And we’re not just talking excessive amounts of onscreen violence. Instead, the crowd got a surprise visit from the man behind the excessive amounts of onscreen violence.

Director Quentin Tarantino attended the screening, held at the only theater in Austin equipped to run the movie in its preferred 70mm format, and participated in an audience Q&A following the showing. Alamo founder and CEO Tim League joined Tarantino on stage, and brought up frequent Austin-based collaborator, writer-director Robert Rodriguez as well. “You guys are the lucky ones!” League told the shocked audience.

Tarantino answered questions about how “The Hateful Eight” (originally intended to be a “Django Unchained” sequel) came about saying, “I had never written a script when I was depressed and angry before, and I think you can kind of tell when watching it. I wrote this, and I felt a lot better.”

The Alamo Drafthouse staff was no less excited, but slightly more nervous, than the audience about Tarantino’s presence. The director, however, assured them he was one “satisfied customer.”

In very Alamo-fashion the theater used a mini-rant by Tarantino on fans asking for pictures (“We’re watching the movie together! What more do you want?!”) to make a short, funny video telling audience members what isn’t allowed.

Overall a great night for Alamo customers, and a pretty sad one for viewers who opted for the 10 p.m. showing.

“You mean… He was just — ??”

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