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Tarantino surprises Alamo Ritz audience at ‘Hateful Eight’

11:22 am Dec. 31, 2015

One audience got a little more than expected when they attended the 7 p.m. Alamo Drafthouse screening of “The Hateful Eight” at the theater’s downtown Ritz location last night. And we’re not just talking excessive amounts of onscreen violence. Instead, the crowd got a surprise visit from the man behind the excessive amounts of onscreen violence.

Director Quentin Tarantino attended the screening, held at the only theater in Austin equipped to run the movie in

Adele gives us one more thing to cry about

2:36 pm Dec. 17, 2015

Looking back to before

Obviously we’d forgotten one of the major reoccurring themes in many of Adele’s songs: Life is sad. With the sting of missing out on her 

Just like the thousands on the East Coast