NASA looking for Texas-based flag football referee

(AP Photo/The Houston Chronicle, Nick de la Torre)

(AP Photo/The Houston Chronicle, Nick de la Torre)

Ever wanted to work for NASA?

Screenshot: Indeed

Screenshot: Indeed

Now might be your chance, as long as you have one year of football refereeing or flag football experience under your belt.

This week, NASA put out the call for two different jobs: astronauts, and a flag football referee.

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For those without a piloting license or a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field (like this writer), the Indeed posting for the Clear Lake City reffing gig might be worth checking out.

Pay starts at $12 an hour and all that’s needed is some experience and the gumption to enforce “NASA’s flag football rules, policies, and procedures.”

The job posting gave no clue as to whether or not the reffing outfit comes with the iconic NASA patch.

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