Jay Z doesn’t believe Texas has pizza

(Photo by Mark VonHolden/Invision for HTC/AP Images)

(Photo by Mark VonHolden/Invision for HTC/AP Images)

New Yorker Jay Z doesn’t think much of Texas pizza.

While interviewing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” earlier this week, Jay Z fielded a question about his wife Beyonce’s eccentric pizza tastes.

Apparently, Queen Bey likes her pizza with extra sauce and jalapenos, a rare combination that to say the least is not widely regarded, especially by Brooklyn natives.

“She’s from Houston first of all, and they don’t have pizza there… That explains everything,” Jay Z tells Kimmel when confronted.

Watch the clip:

Is this another example of the cultural divide and miscommunication between Texas and New York?

Does New York really think that we’re too busy with barbecue and tacos to eat pizza?

And can you blame a Texan for wanting an extra kick?

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