Google Trends data will help you make Halloween costume decisions for you, your significant other and your dog

The good nerds behind Google Trends have set up a Halloween-specific page with all the Google trends data regarding Halloween costumes they have lying around.


Their one-stop shop data summary page will show you real-time data for what’s couple costumes are trending, what “Star Wars’ costumes are trending and even what dog costumes are trending.

In other words, if you dress up as Minion on Halloween and run into someone else dressed similarly, you’ve been warned.

As if that wasn’t enough, Google has also built an interactive map, which they call “Frightgeist,” so you can see what costumes are trending across the country.

By the way, as of this writing, the trending costume in Austin was a dinosaur.

Frightgeist will also provide historical data for each costume and estimate your chances of running into that costume on Halloween.

If you have a few minutes and no Halloween costume, it’s worth checking out:

Screenshot Google Trends
Screenshot Google Trends

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