50 Coach Taylor gifs to celebrate Kyle Chandler’s 50th birthday

Happy birthday, Coach Taylor — err, Kyle Chandler!

We’re celebrating the best way we know how: with gifs from the Texas-centric show that stopped in 2011 but which nevertheless still claims our hearts and minds.

We apologize to those haven’t watched “Friday Night Lights.”

  1. tumblr_lz35zixZve1qacj8wo5_250
  2. tumblr_myno7haITK1t61jk2o6_r1_250
  3. tumblr_myno7haITK1t61jk2o7_r1_250
  4. tumblr_myno7haITK1t61jk2o4_r1_250
  5. tumblr_mzktnf93IQ1r31inoo1_r1_250
  6. tumblr_mzktnf93IQ1r31inoo2_r2_250
  7. tumblr_mzktnf93IQ1r31inoo4_r1_250
  8. tumblr_m9y2gyUqRn1qk125fo1_250
  9. tumblr_nhejtxezRf1rbgu1so4_250
  10. tumblr_m9y2gyUqRn1qk125fo3_250
  11. tumblr_m9y2gyUqRn1qk125fo2_250
  12. tumblr_n9wh2eHVul1r5xh1lo6_250

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