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6 ways to celebrate National Junk Food Day in Austin

3:59 pm Jul. 21, 2015

Put down your salads, because you’re getting an honorary Cheat Day. July 21 has been proclaimed National Junk Food Day, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate here in Austin. We’ve got six to get

Show us your Very Austin Weddings!

11:40 am Jul. 17, 2015

Weddings have been high in the headlines this wedding season, especially since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage – touching off a flurry of weddings between Texans who had been waiting for the opportunity

The weirdest deals from Amazon’s Prime Day

1:47 pm Jul. 16, 2015

Amazon celebrated their 20th anniversary on Wednesday with “Prime Day,” a 24-hour sales event catering to Amazon Prime members.

For $99 a year, Amazon users can sign up for Amazon Prime, a service which offers free

Zooey Deschanel walks among us in Austin

4:40 pm Jul. 14, 2015

Far be it from your friends at Team 360 to pander to the gossip rags — FAR BE IT — but this one bears mention. “New Girl” star, She & Him singer and bangs icon

Eleven funny tweets about Pluto

2:47 pm Jul. 14, 2015

Sure, we’ve all fallen in love with the one-time planet with the great big heart. The stunning photos of the heavenly body sent to Earth during the New Horizons fly-by have prompted everyone from Stephen Hawking to The Dandy Warhols to wax rhapsodic on social media.

But high-profile events bring out the smart-alecks, too. Here are eleven funny Pluto-related tweets we found on Twitter today: