New Google search feature could help you avoid lines

In Austin, a city where a “line-sitting service” is an all too real of a way for people to make money, Google’s most recent news is noteworthy.


No, we’re not talking about self-driving cars. We’re talking about the new Google search feature that will help you navigate around the busiest places in Austin.

That’s right, as of this last Tuesday, whenever you Google search places and businesses, that place’s busiest hours will appear along with the usual information (business hours, address, etc.).

According to a Google post on Google Plus Tuesday, the most popular times features is now available for “millions of places and businesses around the world” so “you can avoid the wait.”


How did Google gather this data?

“Much like we compute traffic data based on the anonymized aggregated movement of people on the road, we are able to determine relatively how busy a place is,” said Google.

Of course there are other apps already out there to help you avoid waiting, but if you’re already using Google search for a local business, may as well use its popular times feature.



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