Introducing your new favorite minor league baseball team, the ‘Tacos’

“Tacos, tacos, tacos!” 

Credit: Fresno Grizzlies' Facebook
Credit: Fresno Grizzlies’ Facebook

Have you ever felt the need to cheer for tacos but not had an occasion?

Well friends, there’s hope: All you have to do is become a fan of Minor League Baseball and be able to feign an affinity for Fresno, Calif.

Behold: The Fresno Tacos.

364 days of the year, the Triple A affiliate team of the Houston Astros plays under the name the Fresno Grizzlies, but for one special game night in August they will take on a tastier name and don taco hats and taco jerseys instead.

The temporary re-branding was planned around the fifth annual Taco Truck Throwdown, which last year saw 27,000 tacos consumed, according to the event’s Facebook page.

Mike Oz, a Yahoo sports writer who also helped found the first-ever Taco Truck Throwdown and played a part in the team re-branding, explained the taco bonanza in a post on Big League Stew:

“We created Taco Truck Throwdown to shine light on the original food trucks, to take these mobile taquerias that often operate on the outskirts, on dusty roads or in industrial areas, and put them in front of thousands of people, so they can see (and taste) the ultimate mom-and-pop businesses… The tacos jerseys and caps were handcrafted in-house by the Grizzlies’ Dorian Castro and Andy Inman. They’re a tribute to one of the things that makes our home great. People say mean things about Fresno a lot, but you can’t say anything bad about our tacos.”

In other words, the Fresno Tacos is more than just pandering to what Oz calls “taco-obsessed Internet people,” which — having just pulled out a debit card to purchase our very own taco hat — we will admit we are.

[h/t Mashable]

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