2016 presidential campaign swag-off swings into gear

Gone are the mundane days of campaign buttons, lawn signs and bumper stickers; enter an anything-is-sellable campaign merchandising world boosted by DIY Etsy mavens and huge campaign budgets.

In wake of the results from July’s campaign finance reports, we’re taking a look at the best swag the 2016 presidential campaign field has to offer so far.

From shop.hillaryclinton.com

All the world really needs from Hillary Clinton’s campaign store is the “Everyday Panstsuit Tee,” but the overeager merchandisers behind Shop.HillaryClinton.com went above and beyond with an H-engraved spatula and a “Chillary Clinton Koozie.”

Screenshot taken from shop.hillaryclinton.com
Screenshot taken from shop.hillaryclinton.com

From store.TedCruz.org

Ted Cruz’s campaign store stays strictly within the realm of baseball caps, polos and coffee mugs, minus one near-psychedelic poster of the candidate pinching his fingers in front of a raised fist.

Screenshot taken from store.tedcruz.org
Screenshot taken from store.tedcruz.org

From Store.RandPaul.com

You can show your Rand Paul support with a “Hindsight Eyechart” in which “Liberty not Hillary in the 2016 elections hindsight is 20/20” is written like the letters you would see on an eye chart exam. Or if you think the eye chart might be trying too hard, you can buy either an autographed Constitution priced at $1,000 or just a plain old Rand on a stick.

Screenshot grabbed from Store.RandPaul.com

From Store.MarcoRubio.com

One might think Marco Rubio’s campaign store thoroughly uninspired if you didn’t catch his “Marco Polo” special.

From Store.BernieSanders.com

Unlike other candidates’ stores, Bernie Sanders’ store lacks anything priced above $50 and anything beyond a small selection of mugs, t-shirts, signs and stickers. We’re holding out hope that Sanders’ call for people to submit their own “Bernie” designs will bring out something more creative like what there is on Etsy (“Weekend at Bernie” bracelets, “Bern Baby, Bern” prints and a Lego-fied Sanders campaign magnet).

Screenshot taken from Etsy
Screenshot taken from Etsy

From an Etsy search of “Carly Fiorina”

We were unable to find Carly Fiorina’s official campaign store, but if you type in “Carly Fiorina” into Etsy, a Fiorina-emblazoned iPhone case, T-shirt and button come up along with a “Hillary Schmillary” bumper sticker.

Screenshot taken from Etsy
Screenshot taken from Etsy

From an Etsy search of “Ben Carson”

Ben Carson’s merchandising campaign is seemingly nonexistent at this point. An Etsy search returns a few just a few items including a questionably designed print of an inspirational Carson quote.

Screenshot taken from Etsy
Screenshot taken from Etsy

From Store.MickHuckabee.com

The only options Huckabee supporters have is how they want to display “I Like Mike” or #IMWITH HUCK: on a bumpersticker, on a wall decal, on a campaign button or on a yard sign.

Screenshot from Store.MickHuckabee.com
Screenshot from Store.MickHuckabee.com

From Rick.Santorum.com/store

Rick.Santorum.com/store currently returns an error message but a quick Esty search of “Rick Santorum” brings up a number of sweater vests, which Santorum first popularized in 2012.

Screenshot taken of RickSantorum.com/store

From RickPerry.org

Rick Perry’s official store only has a variety of t-shirts with his baseball team-esque logo. If that doesn’t have you pulling for your wallet, there are also t-shirts making light of Rick Perry’s indictment for sale on his super PAC’s website.

Screenshot taken from rickpac.org
Screenshot taken from rickpac.org


From JebBushStore.com

No one product stands out at JebBushStore.com, but you can bet your 2016 vote that the capitalized letters “J-E-B” will be visible from afar on every single thing for sale.

Screenshot taken from JebBushStore.com
Screenshot taken from JebBushStore.com


No official campaign stores or Etsy merchandise were found for George Pataki, Lincoln Chafee, Lindsey Graham, Jim Webb, Bobby Jindal or Martin O’Malley.

The only merchandise that could be found for Chris Christie and Donald Trump on Etsy was largely outdated.

Check out MyStatesman for more info on the 2016 candidates.

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