5 animal Photoshop fakes everyone fell for, including the infamous 11-foot Texas rattlesnake

SnakeA photo of what appeared to be an 11-foot rattlesnake killed in George West, Texas has been confirmed as fake, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

Texas Parks and Wildlife state herpetologist Andy Gluesenkamp called the notion of an 11-foot rattler “hilarious,” telling the Express-News, “I’ve seen this photo about a dozen times, it’s an old photo.”

This isn’t the first time the internet has been fooled by a quick retouch job or special camera angle though. Below, just a sampling of other animal ‘shops that everyone seemed to fall for:

Photo credit: Jamie King
Photo credit: Jamie King

1. Shark Tank
This “Jaws”-esque photo was originally thought to be taken after a shark tank collapse at Kuwait’s Scientific Center. The Photoshop guru behind the image eventually admitted it was fake. The real photo was a shark-less shot from a May 2012 Union Station flood in Toronto.

Photo credit: Cordell Hauglie
Photo credit: Cordell Hauglie

2. Snowball the Monster Cat
This image started as a joke email claiming that the cat’s mother had been found abandoned near a nuclear lab in Canada, resulting in it’s mammoth proportions. The email spread so fast that the original sender later came forward, explaining that Snowball was his daughter’s cat, and he only intended the photo to be seen by a few friends.

worlds_biggest_dog3. Hercules, World’s Biggest Dog
This giant pet photo also got it’s start as part of an email, though this one seriously claimed that the dog was Hercules, an English Mastiff and the record holder for World’s Biggest Dog, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. However, it was later revealed that the dog in the photo was not the real Hercules, but a Neapolitan Mastiff doctored to look larger than its real size.

Photo credit: Tatiana Scalozub

4. Baby Polar Bear
This picture took Pinterest by storm, where many believed it was a photo of a baby polar bear. In fact, the image was actually taken from a seller on Etsy who sells patterns to make your own stuffed animal version of the bear.

As for animals that we wish were only a Photoshop job, check out this Texas-sized alligator or this gigantic centipede.

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