A Texas emoji app is coming

Photo from @TexMojiWe have blogged about the emoji keyboard’s failure to get on Texas’ level a number of times. Even as recently as last month’s iOS update, the keyboard has ignored the countless pleas from the Lone Star state begging for a taco emoji among others.

A country singer and a famous Texas tweeter have finally answered Texas’ emoji prayers: A Texas emoticon app is coming.

Rich O’Toole is a Houston and College Station native as well as a country singer. Sean Compton is the man behind the ‘Sorry, I’m Texan’ twitter account, followed by nearly 87,000. According to KENS 5, Compton and O’Toole met on Twitter, shared a mutual homesickness for Texas and decided to take the matter of being able to show off Texas pride into their own hands.

Partnering with Austin-based app developer Rocksauce and Houston artist Ted Borel, they are creating TexMoji, the first state-centric emoji keyboard.

A few of the TexMojis they’ve already teased to via their Twitter include the long-awaited taco, Willie Nelson braids, a Shiner Beer, Texas bluebonnets and an armadillo.

The app is expected to debut in June.

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